Your Valentine’s story. Sealed with the most precious diamond gold jewelry.

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The gold we use for our pieces can be yellow, white or pink. The gold is obtained by alloying a mix of metals to give it its specific hue. In order to enhance the shine of while gold jewelry, they are coated in rhodium. The rhodium layer can lose its shine in 6-12 months.

Our jewelry is marked according to the current legislation:

- manufacturer's liability mark

- title mark (for 14 and 18 carat gold)

- National Authority for Consumer Protection Mark – Precious Metal Department

Malvensky provides free services for replacing strings. All transportation costs will fall under the client’s purview if delivery is requested or if the product is sent to our HQ by the client. We are happy to offer free delivery in Romania.

Malvensky is not liable for the loss of any object.

In order to care for your piece, we recommend:

  • You pay extra care while wearing diamond, precious stones or pearl pieces as their settings are not meant for mechanical pressure.
  • In the case of Bangle bracelets, the fastening is very important. The bracelet must not be forced unto the wrist but  placed and removed sideways by clicking the button without putting pressure or pulling on the two sides.
  • You keep the pieces in their original boxes or in jewelry cases.
  • You not wear the pieces during household activities.
  • You not wear the pieces during massage sessions or physical activities.
  • You avoid contact with chemicals as they can erode the metal.
  • Gold can lose its shine if it often comes in contact with perfume, salt water, shoe polish, hair spray, chlorine or sulfur.
  • Depending on its usage, we recommend you have your pieces examined and cleaned by a professional jeweler at least once a year.

Our guarantee does not cover any damage to the pieces caused by not taking into account the pointers mentioned in the certificate, accidents, negligence, incorrect usage or other factors that have no connection with the material or manufacture.