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The Story
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Since 2012

Malvensky is a Romanian jewelry brand founded by Malvina Cservenschi, former journalist and TV anchor, who is also the designer and creative director for each collection.

Malvina Cservenschi created this brand wishing to offer people the opportunity to see their desires brought to life while wearing precious jewelry. She is currently coordinating a team of 20 professionals who share her vision about what a luxury brand should be and the value it should bring into people’s lives. In 2017 Malvensky opened its first store on the renowned Paris Street in Bucharest – a place where the brand’s commitment to elegance and the finer things is truly highlighted.

To mark a new stage in the brand’s evolution November 2020 saw the Malvensky flagship store become the Malvensky Jewelry House as it relocated to a historical interwar building on Lascar Catargiu Boulevard 46, marking an essential chapter in the Romanian brand’s evolution. The official launch for the new brand identity was accompanied by the launch of an exclusive collection of 18 karat gold flawless diamond jewelry, Infinity Flower Collection. The collection opens the avenue towards a new artistic and commercial expression for the brand while staying true to its defining DNA: drawing inspiration from traditions and honoring all human emotions.

Malvensky is appreciated and loved by all Romanian celebrities and has been selected as an Official Supplier for the Romanian Royal Family.

Malvensky’s mission is to bring to life symbols and traditions by creating gold and diamond pieces, honoring all human emotions and connections. What we create is authentic, traditional, everlasting. Each piece speaks from the heart and to the emotional imprint of all people, becoming a precious object that is appreciated for its personal meaning. What defines us are our passion, elegance and the value that we place on each human emotion – each piece become an heirloom to be passed on to the next generation.

In 2013 Malvina Cservenschi started the “Journey of traditions” creative project, reinventing and reshaping Constantin Brancusi’s seminal work “The Endless Column” into the iconic Infinity Collection, a selection of pieces renowned all over the world.

She then continued the project by exploring the exotic space associated with the Orient, creating the Marrakesh collection, inspired by Arabian mystical vibrations. Heart of Orient was designed as an homage to the female beauty and is meant to touch a woman’s heart while adorning her body and spirit in voluptuous jewelry.

The third step in this journey is dedicated to the Italian spirit, La Grande Bellezza, a collection inspired by the fantastical dimensions of Italian culture. The collection brings to the forefront spectacular pieces made with semiprecious stones, underlining the radiant spectacle of Italian extravagance.

“I love making people happy and I think I achieve this best when I pinpoint their desires and bring them to life in the form of a perfect piece of jewelry.” Malvina Cservenschi.