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Tax Identification Number: RO29594572

Address: 46 Lascar Catargiu Boulevard, Bucharest,  1st District

Phone: +4 0372 534 967

Welcome to Malvensky world! Thank you for choosing to buy one of our jewelry. We gathered all the information you need to know in order for you to enjoy the utmost Malvensky experience.


We use yellow, white or pink gold to produce our jewelry. Gold is obtained through an alloy of precious metal with a mixture of other metals that give it its specific hue. To intensify the glitter of white gold jewelry, they are covered with rhodium. The rhodium layer might wear out in 6-12 months and the jewelry might lose their brilliance.


The consumers’ rights are not affected by the warranty conditions provided in this warranty certificate.

This warranty certificate ensures that our jewelry are marked in accordance with the legislative framework:

-  National Consumer Protection Authority – The Directorate of Precious Metals's warranty and trademark title

- the title's mark for 14&18 karat gold, platinum, silver

- the brand's own warranty mark

- the producer's responsibility mark




This certificate of guarantee attests that the jewelry is made of gold.

Malvensky offers free services such as cords replacement and free shipping across Romania.

Malvensky is not responsible for the loss of any object.

In the unusual case of technical issues that affect the website's functionality, we reserve the right to cancel all orders placed online during the period of time in which the website is not functioning properly.




Malvensky warranty and quality certificate is in accordance with gold jewelry marketing laws. Consumers’ rights are in accordance with art. 16 (1) of Law 449/2003 (12).

Product design can not be changed.

The warranty certificate provides the customer with the opportunity to change or repair the purchased product within 24 months from the date of purchase if it presents manufacturing defects. To qualify for this right, the quality certificate must be presented at our reception desk.

Through the guarantee here provided, the consumers’ rights are ensured, according to Law no. 449/2003 related to products marketing and the associated guarantees, and according to GO no. 21/1992 related to consumers’ protection.




The following are considered manufacturing flaws: broken pendants, broken rings and bracelets, displaced diamonds, mechanical deformations. For defects that can not be covered by our warranty, such as scratches, excessive or inadequate handling, broken chains, gold discoloration, repairs will be executed for an additional cost, depending on the complexity and type of repair.


The customer will be informed of this cost before processing the repair. The execution time for a repair / replacement is 25 working days from the moment of order processing. The cost of transport is borne by the customer if delivery is requested.

We do not repair products that do not belong to our brand.

We do not borrow products.

We do not buy back.



Engraved products cannot be returned / modified / exchanged and are subject to payment in advance. Customers may cancel an already made order only before it has been processed within 12 hours of its placement on our website or in the store / by telephone. 

Shipping costs will be borne by the customer. We do not accept return of products that show signs of wear, whether ordered online or in store.

We reserve the right to not accept multiple returns.

If the customer wants to wait to change the product with one from a future collection, the amount of money will remain in the customer’s account until the jewelry is available. If the product exceeds the amount returned, the customer will pay the required difference.



We accept product exchange and returns in up to 30 working days from purchase date.

For online and in-store shopping, the client has the following options:

1. product exchange for the same money value or higher

2.  voucher exchange

3.  money back

The products can be returned under the following conditions:

1. up to 30 days prior to the purchase, accompanied by receipt and/or warranty certificate mentioning the purchase date

2. we accept only jewelry that are in perfect condition, in their original packaging, are accompanied by all original accessories and show no sign of use whatsoever.

We offer money back guarantee in 5 working days for online shopping and on the spot for in-store  shopping.

Custom made products cannot be returned. 





For a proper maintenance of jewelry we recommend:

Always show extra care when you wear diamonds, precious stones or pearls jewelry, because their design is not meant to withstand mechanical pressures.

For Infinity bracelets, the grip is very important.

The bracelet must not be forced on the wrist, but  placed gently, pressing carefully the closing / opening button without pressure and avoiding pulling the two sides.

Keep your jewelry in their designated boxes received when purchasing products or other jewelry boxes.

Do not wear jewelry during housework.

Do not wear jewelry during physical activities / massage sessions.

Avoid contact with chemicals, as they may erode the metal.

Precious metal can lose its brilliance over time if it frequently comes into contact with agents such as perfume, salt water, skin creams, hair, chlorine or sulphur.

Depending on the degree of use, we recommend that your jewelry  be examined and cleaned by an expert jeweller at least once a year.

The warranty does not cover the damages caused to the jewelry due to non-compliance with the indications mentioned in this certificate, accidents, negligence, improper use or other factors unrelated to material or craftsmanship defects.