Am selectat pentru tine cele mai pretioase bijuterii pentru luna iubirii.  
Comanda azi cadoul dorit pentru a ajunge la timp de Valentine’s Day.


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Delivery to Romania

We ship in Romania with our partner, FAN COURIER.

Contact info for FAN COURIER:

We reserve the right to not ship Malvensky products via the Romanian Postal Service.

International Delivery

We ship Malvensky products with our DHL partner in all EU and non EU states, with the following exceptions: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. We kindly inform you that custom taxes will be applied according to the corresponding state legislation and fiscal policy.

We ask that you make sure your delivery address is correct and complete as we cannot redirect the order once it has been picked up from the Malvensky office.

Before we ship your products we may have to reconfirm your card data. We do everything we can on our side to minimize delays and support order processing.

International shipping is between 4 and 7 business days.

All Malvensky products that are shipped internationally are 100% insured.



In the case of returns, transportation costs fall under the client’s purview.

We accept all product exchanges within 30 working days following delivery of the package or acquisition.

For orders placed online or in store, we accept the following options:

1. product exchange of equal or larger value

2. product exchange for a voucher for the equivalent sum

3. money back

Products can be returned under the following conditions:

1. the return occurs at a maximum of 30 days following purchase, is accompanied by the receipt or dated warrantee

2. we accept only pieces that have no flaws, are in their original state, have not been damaged, have all their original packaging and accessories and have no signs of wear.

Money is returned within 5 business days for online orders and on the spot for orders placed in the store.

Personalized pieces cannot be returned.

We can exchange a piece with any other product of equal or larger value. For more information, please contact our Customer Care team at +4 0372 534 967 or by email at [email protected].

Redelivery time depends on the selected piece, if it is available in stock or we have to manufacture it made to order. If you wish to exchange a piece for one from a future collection, the paid sum goes into your personal account until the product becomes available. If the product is more expensive then the one you have returned, you will have to pay the difference.

If the client requests a return, the product can only be returned via the way it was purchased:

*online – fast delivery

*in-store – at our HQ on 46 Lascar Catargiu Blv

In the case of gifted pieces that the client does not wish to keep we can offer you products with a similar value. The returned product must be accompanied by its warrantee within 30 days of acquisition.

We do not offer money-back for gift cards/vouchers.

We reserve the right to not accept multiple returns from the same client.

We wish to inform you that Malvensky only refunds money for product purchase, not third-party commissions (wire transfer, PayPal, MobilPay, exchange rates, etc.).

Malvensky is happy to offer the following complimentary and free services:

  • Replacing of silk bands
  • Free shipping in Romania
  • Private consultancy session with our designer Malvina Cservenschi (by appointment)

Repairs and reconditionings are not part of the conditions outlined in our warrantee or authenticity certificates. They are available at a cost for Malvensky clients. Warrantee is 24 months since acquisition.

  • The warrantee offers the client the option of exchanging or repairing the piece within 24 months of acquisition if the product has manufacturing flaws. In order to enjoy this right, one must present the quality certificate.
  • Manufacturing flaws include: broken pendants, broken rings or bracelets, loose diamonds, mechanical flaws. For flaws not covered in our warrantee (scratches, excessive or inappropriate wear, broken chain, discolored gold) repairs will be performed at an additional cost depending on the complexity and type of repair. The client will be pre-informed of the repair cost. Delivery times for repairs/replacements is 25 business days from processing. Shipping cost falls under the client’s purview (if delivery is requested).

Malvensky is not liable for lost or stolen products.