Am selectat pentru tine cele mai pretioase bijuterii pentru luna iubirii.  
Comanda azi cadoul dorit pentru a ajunge la timp de Valentine’s Day.


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In order to make sure measurements are correct, we ask you use the graphic below or to pay us a visit at our store in 46 Lascar Catargiu Blv. where a Malvensky consultant will be more than happy to assist you.







Choose the hand you will be wearing the ring on as measurements can differ between hands.

In order to ensure the correct size please use a ring sizer that you can find in any jewelry store. Please take into account that we only use European sizes.





Fixed bracelets (Infinity, Marrakesh, La Grande Bellezza)

Measure your wrist circumference and choose the corresponding size from the graphic above.


Chain bracelets

The chain bracelet has a standard size of 18 cm with an additional ring at 16 cm. If you would like a custom made size, please contact us at +40 724.110.196.






In order to choose the desired necklace size, you can use this visual guide to determine the length and placement for your piece.

You can choose from the options below:

· 40 cm

· 45 cm
· 50 cm
· 60 cm
· 80 cm
· 100 cm


Transparent necklace

The transparent necklace measures 40 cm.


Malvensky textile necklace

Easily adjustable thanks to its two knots. Using the graphic above you can choose the exact size you want.



105 cm belt: suitable for both pants and waist.

120 cm belt: exclusively designed for pants.