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Your Educational Journey into the World of Gemstones


About Masterclass



An exciting opportunity dedicated to individuals interested in the field of gemmology and the jewellery business. Malvensky Jewellery House warmly welcomes those passionate about discovering the world of gemmology. Malvensky Gemmology Masterclasses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge about gemmology, ranging from its fundamentals to advanced concepts.
Our Masterclasses are tailored to enhance your expertise, whether you work within the industry or simply have a passion for gems and jewellery.


These masterclasses are designed for individuals working in the jewellery field, passionate gemstone enthusiasts, students, and kids. Whether you are an Appraiser, Auction House Jewellery Specialist, Coloured Stones Buyer, Diamonds Buyer, Designer, Jeweler, Jewelry Business Owner, Pawnbroker, Sales Consultant or any other professional in this field, these classes will refine your knowledge and advance your career.


Gems and Jewellery Expert Programme

This is a theoretical masterclass focused on diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, and jewellery basics. Four key pillars will guide you through the history, fundamentals, aesthetics, and selling techniques, providing a comprehensive perspective.

Study objectives include the fundamentals of diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, and jewellery. The main topics covered in this programme are:

Introduction to the World of Gemstones
Diamond Basics
Coloured Stone Basics
Introduction to Metallurgy and Jewellery Styles
​Care & Cleaning
Selling Techniques & Customer Service Excellence


Upon completion, you will leave with an enriched understanding of gemstones, boosting your confidence to excel in the industry. Malvensky Jewellery House is proud to offer an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts in the gemmology and jewellery business. Our Masterclasses are open to individuals working in the jewellery field, students, kids, and anyone passionate about gems.


The masterclasses are led by Professor Ghaith Obeid, Head of Gemstones, with over 19 years of experience in gemmology and the jewellery industry. Learn from his extensive knowledge and leave the programme with the confidence to navigate the world of gemstones. Ghaith Obeid's passion for gemstones has driven his journey from retail to certifications and teaching, ultimately leading him to become the Head of Gemstones at Malvensky. Malvensky Gemmology Masterclasses embody our commitment to sharing this passion and knowledge.


Our primary objective is to instil trust in our market by equipping our clients with the essential knowledge about gemstones and jewellery. Our priority is to elevate the Romanian Jewellery Market's awareness of Gemmology through education. These masterclasses can help you refine your knowledge and build the self-confidence necessary to excel in the industry.


Malvensky's mission extends beyond jewellery collections. We believe in promoting traditions and values, and as we enter our second decade, education becomes a vital part of our mission. Now is the time to shape your brilliance through education.


Malvensky is embarking on a transformative journey, integrating education as a core component of its renowned business portfolio. We are committed to nurturing intellectual growth and building a community where wisdom thrives and limitless potential is unlocked. Our pursuit of innovation and excellence in education promises to enrich lives and leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of learning.


Excellence: Strive for the highest level of quality and expertise in the subject matter.
Learning: Promote a culture of continuous learning and growth among participants.
Inclusivity: Create an environment where people from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and respected.
Innovation: Encourage creative thinking and new approaches to the world of gemmology.
Collaboration: Foster a sense of community and cooperation among participants.
Integrity: Emphasise honesty, ethics, and transparency in all aspects of the masterclass.
​Empowerment: Help participants build skills and knowledge that empower them to achieve their goals.
Passion: Share a deep enthusiasm for the subject matter and inspire others to be passionate about it.
Impact: Strive to make a meaningful and positive impact on participants' lives or careers.


What is the focus of Malvensky Gemmology Masterclasses?
Malvensky Gemmology Masterclasses provide comprehensive knowledge about gemmology, covering fundamentals to advanced concepts.
Who are these masterclasses designed for?
These masterclasses are designed for individuals working in the jewellery field, passionate, gemstone enthusiasts, students, and kids.
What will you study in the G.J.E.P. (Gems and Jewellery Expert Programme)?
The G.J.E.P programme covers topics such as Introduction to Gemstones, Diamond Basics, Coloured Stone Basics, Introduction to Metallurgy, and much more.
What can you gain from these masterclasses?
Upon completion, you will leave with an enriched understanding of gemstones, boosting your confidence to excel in the industry.
Who coordinates the masterclasses?
The masterclasses are led by Professor Ghaith Obeid, Head of Gemstones, with over 19 years of experience in gemmology and the jewellery industry.
What is the mission and vision of Malvensky in offering these masterclasses?
Malvensky's mission is to promote traditions and values through education, and their vision is to enrich lives and promote intellectual growth.
When and where are the masterclasses held?
The masterclasses take place on Mondays to Thursdays from 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM at Malvensky Jewellery House in Bucharest, Romania.
How can I contact Malvensky for more information or registration?
You can contact us via phone or email; specific contact details are provided separately.
What is the course name and start date for the Gems and Jewellery Expert Programme?
The course name is "Gems and Jewellery Expert Programme," and it starts on November 6th, 2023.
Where is the location of the course?
The course takes place at Malvensky Jewellery House, 46 Lascar Catargiu Blvd, The Royal Room, First Floor, Bucharest, with private parking available.
What are the main objectives covered in the G.J.E.P. programme?
The main objectives include an introduction to gemstones, diamond basics, coloured stone basics, introduction to metallurgy, care & cleaning, selling techniques, and more.
What is the cost of the Masterclass?
The standard Gems and Jewellery Expert Programme is priced at 5000 lei.
How can I register for the Masterclass?
To register, please visit and select the programme.
What happens if I can't attend during the selected period? Can I receive a refund?
In this situation, you can choose another date within the next available periods, but refunds are not provided.
Can I purchase a Masterclass as a gift for someone?
Yes, you can. Please select the Masterclass Gift option and provide the receiver's details.
Are you organising Masterclasses for kids?
Yes, we do offer programmes for kids.
Do you offer online Masterclasses?
Yes, we offer online Masterclasses, and you can find them on the Malvensky Education website.
Can I receive news about Masterclasses?
Yes, you can stay updated by registering for our newsletter.
Shall I receive an accredited diploma?
At the moment, you will receive a participation certificate.

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