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Welcome to Malvensky world of jewelry…. where out of our sense of classicism, simplicity and symbolism precious and significant jewelry are created. 

We invite you to read about our care recommendations because we would like you to enjoy your jewelry for  a very long period of time. Each Malvensky piece is carefully manufactured according to the highest quality standards and technological developments.


Warranty conditions

Our Malvensky quality and authenticity certificate complies with the legal requirements in force for the marketing of gold jewelry (Applicable Law nr. 449/2003, republished at  27.12 2008).

Each jewelry is either engraved or has attached our warranty Malvensky brand mark.

The warranty certificate assures the client of the free of charge repair and replacement of the product for a period of 24 months since the purchase date, in a maximum of 30 working days, on the condition the product presents manufacturing defects.

For any defects that are not covered by our warranty, such as: scratches, marks, mechanical deformations, rifts, misuse and excessive wear or lost jewelry repair is provided to the client for a special fee, according to the type and complexity of the repair task implied. The transportation fee is supported by the client.


Care and maintenance 


White gold is a precious material that originally has a grey dark, opaque appearance. In order to provide its luminous, shiny, brilliant texture, white gold is inserted into a rhodium “bath”, another precious material. In order to maintain its sparkling look, Malvensky recommends an annual revision.

The color of the metal can be affected by long term use of creams, perfumes and beauty oils.



Silver is a white metal that along gold and platinum is considered a precious metal. Unlike gold, it is a flexible, soft material, that gets easily eroded. Blackening of silver objects, left in the air for a long time or being in contact with water, moisture, perfumes or a certain skin PH, is explained by chemical reactions.



The Malvensky strings are made of silk, are water resistant and dump environments.

We are here to change your strings when needed asa courtesy from us.

User instructions

We recommend to carefully examine your jewelry in order to make sure that all  hinges and clasps are secure.

We suggest an annual revision and cleaning of your jewelry with special solutions that can be found at our showroom.

Pay extra attention to your diamonds and stones.

Keep your jewelry in the original packaging and properly stored

Avoid contact with any chemicals, as that they erode the metal.

Do not expose jewelry to harsh chemicals. The cleaners can alter the color and shine of jewelry.

For more information regarding repair, warranty and service provided to your jewelry please contact us at (00)40724110196.


We thank you for your trust.

Make a wish and let it happen!